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When selecting undergraduate subjects after SSLC

When selecting undergraduate subjects after SSLC

After SSLC, students need to be very careful in choosing courses.

There is a growing tendency to join the course at the insistence of friends and parents on uninteresting subjects. As a result, the number of people dropping out halfway through the course is on the rise. Therefore, courses should be tailored to the student's interests, objectives, and tastes.

There are many areas such as Plus Two, Vacation Higher Secondary Program, Diploma and ITI Certificate Courses.

Developing a clear understanding of what you need to do before preparing to study for Plus Two will help make higher education easier. There are often students who find it difficult to make a decision after completing Plus Two. Students should be prepared to take Plus Two subjects with determination and study with a sense of purpose.

Combinations for Plus Two can only be determined by evaluating one's own abilities.

Those interested in pursuing higher studies in Engineering and Physical Science can group Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics / Language. This avoids biology. Those interested in engineering should study for the All India Joint Engineering-Entrance Examinations.

Those who are interested in biology subjects and those who want medical and cashier related occupations can opt for mathematics. Aim for National Level NEET Exam and study for Plus Two.

Those interested in pursuing higher studies in the sciences, ISAR in the country, Indian Institute of Science, BITS Pilani, Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai and Mathematical Institute, undergraduate studies in Science, Biology, Mathematics, and Mathematics.

Those who want to work in the fields of accounting, management and banking services can take subjects including Commerce, Business Studies and Accountancy.

Those interested in Civil Services Examination, Language, Indian Economic Service and Developmental Science can take Humanities and Social Science subjects.

Those who want to lighten the comparative study load can join the National Open Schools.

Since there are many entrance exams for degree programs after Plus Two, you should try to get good marks in English as well.

Candidates appearing for the Chartered Accountant and National Defense Academy examinations are required to study Mathematics for Plus Two. Required for pilot and design technology management courses.

For undergraduate program abroad, you have to prepare for the second year of Plus Two for the SAT or ACT exams along with the English proficiency test TOEFL or IELTS.

Those who want to become an officer in the army through the NDA exam should prepare from the first year. For the second year of Plus Two, the UPSC examination will be conducted every six months.

Diploma in Polytechnics and ITI Certificate programs are ideal for easy employment as the importance of job skills increases. Select Diploma Certificate Programs of Interest.

Opportunities for Plus Two studies are being created along with ITI studies.

Vocational Higher Secondary Schools can be used to study vocational subjects related to over 35 disciplines such as Yashi, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, Poultry, Food Processing and Fashion Design.

Plus any group can join hospitality, aviation and law courses.

Students should be prepared to develop reading habits, improve knowledge and learn with a sense of purpose.

There are also short-term courses of up to one year duration for SSLCs in various fields such as computer, information technology, tourism, aviation and DTP.

NTTF Diploma is also possible. There is nothing wrong with going to tuition to get rid of the initial difficulty in science subjects. Training is also required for entrance exams‌.

You have to study systematically at the plus level. For this, success can be ensured by taking subjects that are objectively tailored to the student's interests and tastes.

Once the area of interest is identified, the best educational institutions and admission conditions should be evaluated and admission should be sought.

Students need a purposeful study. Positive thinking, reasoning ability, and a vision for the future will facilitate success. (Author is the Director of UL Education at Kozhikode UL Cyber Park)

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