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UGC with Academic Credit Bank | The draft law has been published

UGC with Academic Credit Bank The draft law has been published

 The UGC has released the draft legislation on Academic Credit Bank (Academic Bank of Credit - ABC). An expert committee was earlier constituted to prepare the Academic Credit Bank scheme. The UGC has published the draft Regulation of Higher Educational Institutions and Activities in Academic Credit Bank - 2021, taking into account the recommendations of the Committee.

UGC promises to ensure independent study for students with the advent of Credit Bank from the undergraduate level. The graduate student needs 120 credits to win. However, even if the study is stopped after obtaining 40 credits, the credit will be deposited in the credit bank of UGC. No matter how long after the study resumes, the credit received earlier will be stored in the bank. In addition, Credit Bank will be motivated to offer more inter / multi disciplinary courses.

The UGC says that a student who has earned a certain amount of credit in diploma courses will be given the opportunity to complete undergraduate courses faster on the strength of that credit. The Credit Banking system also allows students the freedom to choose the course, college, or university itself. Credit from the first institution of study can also be transferred to the new center of learning. Draft law

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